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What Do I Need To Look For?

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Barsel | 18:14 Wed 01st Dec 2021 | Home & Garden
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I would like to buy an outside security light for the front of my home, but I want something different , something a bit decorative, but I want it to be bright enough to come on when someone walks up to my driveway.
It has to be mains powered, not solar or battery and preferably black in colour, but what is it that determines how bright it will be?
Is it the wattage or something else?
This coach lantern is something I like, but I don't know how bright it will be. TIA


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That fitting has a low energy lamp in it which won't be 'very' bright. You need to look for something which has LEDs as the light-source.
Question Author
I don't think it will be as bright as you want. It says it's 8 watt (600 lumens) so I'd guess this one is a low energy lamp as well, rather than LED.
The items you are choosing are "clearance" and, as such, have very low (or no) stock levels...if you check with your postcode.
Question Author
I am doing gingerbee, but I don't know if I'm looking for watts, lumens, LED.
@Zacs...So why does it say "8Watt LED"?...which would be nice and bright,btw.
Question Author
Zacs, it says it's LED.
I did put 'guess'.
^no need to's clearly stated.
Question Author
This one says non replaceable LED so would it be bright and if it stops working, does that mean I'd have to buy a new one?
Question Author
I know it isn't a coach lantern, but I'm more concerned about the brightness. 8 or 10 watt LED lamp would be bright enough to illuminate an area around the front door etc...but the type of unit you are looking at isn't meant to flood the whole of the drive/front garden. For that you'll need a conventional security light which can look more at home on commercial premises.
Question Author
Yes, I know, I have one in my back garden, this is why I wanted something a bit more decorative at the front either a coach lantern or a bulk head.
The reviews on that last one said it's quite bright.
Barsel: the coach lantern, from toolstation, in your post, is described as being 100 watts. That is plenty of brightness for such a light.
Well, it does say that the LED isn't replaceable....but LED lamps SHOULD last many years...
The '100 Watts' quoted in that listing is an indication of the maximum power rating that its components are designed to handle. The actual light output would depend upon the type of bulb that you put into it, which could be any bulb with a BC (bayonet cap) fitting. In practice, using any modern low energy bulb, you shouldn't need to use anything like 100W to achieve a decent light level.

When most of us around here were youngsters, standard (incandescent) light bulbs were rated by their wattage but these days, with so many different types of bulbs available, they're rated in lumens. This table can help you to convert:

Going back to 'the good old days', most people will have probably used 25W or 40W bulbs in their desk lamps. If that's the level of light output that you now want to achieve from more modern bulbs, look down the first two columns in the table to see the power rating of the newer types of bulbs.

In the same 'good old days', most people might well have chosen to use a 60W bulb in a bedroom but a 100W bulb in a living room or kitchen. To find the power ratings of more modern types of bulbs, look down the third or fifth columns respectively. (In all cases though, pay particular attention to the column headings, as its 'lumens' that you really need to be looking for, rather than 'watts', these days.

So, if you only want enough light to find your keys by, look for a bulb providing perhaps 300 lumens of light. However if you want a really bright light, look for a bulb providing around 1500 lumens. As you'll see from the chart, all modern bulbs providing such outputs use under 100W, so the lamp you've linked to is fully compatible with any of them.

For specific examples, I'll suggest this as a possibility for a really bright light:
and this for a bulb that, although not really bright, will easily give you enough light to find your keys by:

At 15W and 3W, respectively, they're both well within the 100W maximum limit of the lamp. (If you could actually buy a 100W halogen bulb, you could probably light Trafalgar Square with it!).
Question Author
Thanks Chris, that's really useful to know.
I don't need to light up the whole of the Close where I live, but I'm looking for something bright enough for me to see when I reverse my car onto the drive and one that will light up as I reach the driveway.
Will take a look at the links you've supplied.
Question Author
Will have to wait until I get the light to see if it's bayonet or screw, and I think some might come will a bulb supplied.
Thanks, Barsel.

The lamp in your link specifically states 'BC', so it's definitely a bayonet cap fitting.

The description also specifically states "Excludes lamp, sold separately 65067", so you'll need to purchase a bulb for it. (Oddly though, searching for '65067' as a product code, doesn't actually find a bulb for it. It doesn't matter though, as any bayonet cap bulb can be used in it).

Question Author
Just looking at Wickes as there is one near to where I live, and these 'bulkheads' seem to be quite bright.
They're not as decorative as I'd hoped for, but they look ok.
What do you think Chris, will they be bright enough?

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