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Grp Coated Roofs

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kenny1234 | 19:17 Thu 21st Jul 2022 | Home & Garden
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I have had a GRP coated garage roof for a while ----I have always wondered why a raised lip all around the edge is constructed rather than a slope made for water to run into the gutter!!!


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I doubt if it's all the way around Kenny. The water would never run away ;o)))

It's conventional to have a raised verge on three sides, and an "apron" on the lowest side... that drips into the gutter.
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Thank you Builder-----I'm still wondering though, why create the lip at all--why not just let the water fall into the gutters all the way round?
Because it probably does not have gutters all the way round :)
Question Author
I appreciate that ---but my garage roof does have gutters all round
Guttering on all four sides of a detached garage?
Not the daftest thing I've ever seen... but close ;o)

Sometimes, it can be on two sides if the water needs to be carried back to a drain/gulley/soakaway, but four sides is a nonsense.

Flat roofs are "laid-to-falls". That is, high at the back; low at the front; and that's it. Water could never run off at the back.
Possibly a badly informed DIY job to me kenny.

A flat-roofer will always fit raised kerbs to both sides, and none at the front lower side.
I can only guess the roof was fitted before someone came along to fit the guttering.

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Grp Coated Roofs

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