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Protect Necks On T-Shirts

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flobadob | 19:34 Tue 18th Jul 2023 | Home & Garden
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Is there any way to protect the necks of t-shirts from becoming ragged? I find after a few washes it always happens.

We don't use a tumble dryer, so I assume it's the washing machine causing it.


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My wife wears a lot of long sleeved round neck t shirtscwe are washed in the machine and tumble dried, the necks have never suffered this problem.

Are they all the same make? Could it be the way you pull them off?

I've only ever seen that on decidedly old garments...the ones that are used for painting or drying a wet animal off.
Not sure if by ragged, you mean stretched?
Have a look at this short video.
I've been using the same launderette for about 30 years, where everything just gets thrown into the washing machine together and then tumble dried, and I've never experienced such a problem.

However the solution to your problem might be to do what you'd probably do with 'delicate' items anyway and wash the T-shirts in mesh net bags. e.g.
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Thanks for the responses. Yes, I think I meant more stretched than ragged, so I'll try your video link, Patsy, thanks

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Protect Necks On T-Shirts

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