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Washing Machine - What Does It Do?

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wolf63 | 17:36 Sat 02nd Sep 2023 | Home & Garden
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I inherited a washing machine when I moved into this flat earlier this year. I am at constant war with the lock on the door and plan to get a new one when I get my new kitchen fitted.

However, this one has a 3-hour programme at 60° that is shortened to just over an hour using the energy-saving button. *What is the difference in the actual washing of clothes?* There is quite a difference between 3 hours and 1 hour.

On a similar subject - my previous washing machine was not well balanced and used to make a helluva noise when spinning and sometimes took off over the kitchen. This one is almost silent in comparison. My next one will be a Zanussi to go with all the other Zannusi electric things.



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Thanks to my smart meter I discovered that the cheapest setting on my washing machine is 'cotton' set at 30 or 40 degrees. One of the most expensive settings is the 'express wash' (a quick wash cycle).
Of course the manual tells me how much energy each programme uses but it is different when you see it in pounds and pence.

So it seems my washing machine is opposite to yours - the energy saving mode is a much longer cycle (same with my dishwasher).

My washing machine is very quiet but any washing machine will be noisy if it becomes unbalanced or is not properly adjusted for an uneven floor.

Have a look at the manual - it should describe each cycle and give the amount of kw used.
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I am getting the new one, and the new kitchen, in a few weeks.

I was just curious about what the machine does for the two extra hours that it is washing my sheets and stuff.

My last flat wasn't exactly on the flat. Rolling over in bed was like sleeping on a slope.

I will be interested to see how much heating this place is going to cost with the off-peak storage heaters. The main rooms are large and the front of the building has big windows. Each room has two windows that are almost full-length.

It will be soaking the washing and occasionally agitating it by turning the drum. Are you sure the eco mode is the shorter wash? A short wash usually uses more energy - think of driving from Manchester to London on the motorway. You'll get there quicker if you drive at 90mph than 50mph but you'll use way more fuel.

Would internal shutters suit the room for your large windows? That would help insulate them.
Question Author
Barry, I will check the washing machine and see.

Shutters may be a good idea. My s-i-l made me curtains from Cath Kidston material, they are gorgeous and thick so they will help a little.
I am not careful with money so have no intention of not heating the place.

Anyhow, I am working in Oxfam tomorrow and I need to get myself organised.

You should get a job at the CAB, it is so easy to run up big electric bills and people on limited incomes would appreciate help in seeing where they are going wrong.

I'm just too lazy to change my ways. I used to run two radiators at max settings for the cats.

The washing machine door lock is designed to ensure that you cannot open the door while the drum is rotating.
The lock itself uses the thermal release of an actuator, which can take a minute or so to release, once power is removed.
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Hymie, it actually getting it to lock for the wash to start.

My friend tried to lock it too but it wouldn't initially lock for him either.
He was convinced that I was just being stupid. :-)
Try a bit of WD 40 around all moving parts of lock . It might help.
There are a number of videos on you tube about door locks

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Washing Machine - What Does It Do?

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