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Any Ideas On Design Of New Kitchen?

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wolf63 | 21:54 Sat 02nd Sep 2023 | Home & Garden
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I am getting a Wickes Bespoke kitchen installed in three weeks. It comes with all the white goods and I am dreading the installation process. Handing over the cash at the end of the installation will be pretty painful too. There is 9 months interest-free credit but I don't trust myself with money.

My main issue is that the kitchen is a weird shape - the stairwell protrudes into the kitchen and takes up a lot of space.

Has anyone any idea of any way that I can use this space? Failing everything I will get a mural or a fake window or something.

This is the kitchen
and this is the layout of the flat

Deep down I think that I realise that the space is basically dead space but maybe one of you can come up with an idea.

I think that m drinking two litres of high-caffeine Pepsi Max is making me a tad high this evening. ☺☺



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Awkward. I must say I like the idea of a fake window, specially if you got one to fit the curve. You could put a mural behind it, the scope is unlimited as to what sort of scene it could be - anything from a wide ocean, rolling countryside, or another room with people's or animal's faces peering through the glass. The only issue being you would have to be careful to keep it from looking naff (which is why something humorous would be more appropriate. And of course it would have to suit your tastes which may be totally different from mine.
I think much the same as Canary42 - a fake window.
Etsy has a huge number of designs.
I presume the stair is not part of your flat.

If it was, you could knock through to make storage space under the steps.
You can never have too much shelving/storage space in a kitchen. I’d consider adding a number of shelves, rather like a bookcase – to the curved wall.
Any carpenter worth their salt should be able to make something to match the curvature of the wall, although it will be more expensive than an off the shelf unit.
Wickes bespoke , oh fancy fancy . :-) could the installers or the wickes kitchen designers assist you with the design ?
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Tuvok - alas it is part of the building's stairwell.

Hymie - Ideally I would like more storage and might consider trying a decent joiner. Thanks.

Canary & moorea - I hadn't thought of Etsy. I will have a look.

I know that my enthusiasm for getting the place fixed is not going to last too long. I will resort back to my usual apathetic or depressed state.
I have already had the bath taken out and a lovely big shower cabinet installed and the whole place has been decorated.

I'm sure I've seen that kitchen and wall before, did you post those pics some time ago?
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anne - when he saw the wall he just made a sound, sighed and said that there wasn't much that could be done.

The stairwell is really twisty and I had visions of them not being able to deliver my kitchen stuff. With a bespoke kitchen, it is a package and it is their responsibility to get the stuff delivered and installed. If they can't get it up the stairs they have to find a solution.


Remember to get 3 flying ducks if you go for a “Muriel” (Coronation Street fans will understand!)
Question Author
Barry - yes, I can't remember why though.

Good old Hilda and her Muriels, yes I remember them (oops, sozz for thread-nap wolf)
You could buy a fairly cheap projector and have different pictures showing to suit your different moods.
Susan ( Wolfe) ,your new flat will be great when it’s all finished. Once everything is finished just look around at what you have achieved. Hope you feel better soon .
I wouldn't put a mural up, I would just paint the wall white so it is easier to ignore. Hopefully you would be leds aware of it being there.
I was in your position this time last year.
The stress got so bad I cancelled the whole thing.
I feel for you and hope you can continue with your hopes for the kitchen of your dreams.
Good luck
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Ringlet, I have to say hat I considered putting it all off until the new year. Not sure what Year!

I have decided to leave them to it and go to my voluntary job in Oxfam.

I'm sorry to hear you cancelled your new kitchen. I seem to spend my life avoiding situations and getting stressed out. Or getting anxious about something that might go wrong.

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Any Ideas On Design Of New Kitchen?

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