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When Is The Best Time To Tidy And Clean?

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drobi619 | 08:23 Sat 04th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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I live in an apartment filled with boxes that need dealing with. I can clean after 10 pm or before 4 pm. Please let me know the best action plan.  



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Before 4pm

No time like the present

Question Author

When you say before 4 pm, what time are we talking?

I would say it partly depended on the sound proofing between the apartments.  You wouldn't want to upset the neighbours.  If it is good then it doesn't make any difference.

Whenever you are available to do it!

When it won't disturb others.

During daylight- save on electricity for lights

Question Author

I would not vacuum late at night and its a building from the 70s

If I were your neighbour, I'd prefer you to do any noisy cleaning mid-morning or afternoon


get off the internet, take off the quizzical confused look on your face, grab a duster and so whatever women do with one of those

I never understand this sort of question.  Surely you are the only one who can answer your own question?

The best time to clean and tidy is when it is dirtier and messier than you can stand.

Quentin Crisp said after four years it doesn't look any dirtier. 

And instead of asking ..  google him.

^I thought he said that "after six months the dust doesn't get any deeper"!

What is the relevance of the boxes and how do they need dealing with?

Com on' Canarary... obviously full of the janitors body parts.

I do ones's cleaning on a Sunday... mostly

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When Is The Best Time To Tidy And Clean?

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