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drobi619 | 00:10 Wed 08th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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I want to come up with rules for my apartment and for me that I can follow or consider adapting to make me more productive and disciplined. I do not care how strict or strange the rules are. I want to have 50-100 rules in total that I have to follow daily. I do have a roommate, so it would be nice if some of them were for both of us as we are good friends/family. 

You could even be as strict as giving me things like curfew, bedtimes, ultimatums for if I do something, money, etc... They could even be things that should be on my to-do list and such. Nothing is out of the question even if you tell me your childhood rules and such, that would still give me someplace to start. 



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Why on earth do you want 50 - 100 rules???

I don't have any rules.

I don't have a routine.

I just wake up and get on with my day.

If you have to live by rules (heaven forbid) you need to make them yourself.

You can't live by 100s of rules. Even outside the home we don't have 100s for every day...unless in a dictatorship. 

Guidance is better, not rigidity. 

Talking of rules, one of the Site Rules is "Avoid posting questions and answers more than once in the same or multiple categories. They take up room from other posts and will be deleted."

That is why I deleted your later thread with exactly the same question.


Another rule is "Please refrain from adding emphasis in CAPITAL LETTERS as this indicates shouting and is considered rude."


As you appear to be struggling with the 20 Rules on this site, perhaps a hundred new ones might be a bit of ?

... a stretch?

Consult your roommate- they may not be interested or may have ideas.

For yourself, just try starting with 3 rules. if you an't think of 3 then maybe rules aren't what's needed. If you can find 3 extend it to 5 then 10, and see how that goes: are they helping, are you sticking to them etc

Having to live on a daily basis according to 50-100 rules submitted by strangers, sounds just weird. Are you incapable of making any decisisions ?

As newmodarmy suggests, if you want rules start writing you own a few at a time, begin with your own childhood rules and extend them into adult versions. I think you will quickly find that life cannot be run on a rigid daily set of rules.


I think rule 38 could be adopted by a few ABers on here:

38. Don't put your opinion on issues you don't know

1 Get off the computer.

2 Take the bins out.

3. Clean the kitchen.


When it comes to rules I've found the those laid down by the faculty committee of the University of Woolloomooloo cover anything and everything.

Be nice

Don't be noisy

Don't be messy

Contribute to shared bills and rent on time

I think that should cover everything

1. See rule 16


2. See rule 16


3.See rule 16


4.See rule 16


5.See rule 16


6. See rule 16


7. See rule 16


7. See rule 16


8. See rule 16


9. See rule 16


10. See rule 16


11. See rule 16


12. See rule 16


13. See rule 16


14. See rule 16


15. See rule 16


16. See rule 1


sounds like you need a Dominatrix..... lol 

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