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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs.

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Patsy33 | 16:41 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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I'm looking to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner for stairs, and there is so many to choose from. Can anyone recommend a good one for me? Thanks.



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I like my GTech hand held, much better than I hoped.


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I was just looking at that one, Barry. Have you tried different one before the Gtech?

I use the hand held part of my Dyson which I wouldn't be without 

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Dyson are a good make, Margo. Taking hand held off makes a world of difference I'm sure.

Hopefully somebody who reads Which will see this and let us know which one they recommend.



Dyson are the original and best I think. I know quite a few people who have bought gtech or shark or vax etc and then had Dyson and think they are the best. I wouldn't be without mine as they are light to push around and I have a bad back. I guess if you already have a vacuum and just need a hand held it's a different thing

i have said many times here I threw my Dyson onto a skip because of the weight after about 6 months

I have had other ones but they are very old models so not a fair comparison. 

You could try sweeping your stairs from top to bottom with a stiff broom and vacuuuming at the bottom of the stairs. Safe and effective 

I don't find it heavy at all. I'm talking about the stick version 

^probably the big mains model, jj?

Yes, Dyson for me too (pricey but very good)

Which? Best Buys are Dyson and Shark (the wv200 is good performer at reasonable price).

I used to do my stairs with a dustpan and brush before I had the Dyson only problem is the it does throw up the dust

There was a Dyson in a holiday cottage we rented and I was really disappointed with it, couldn't get on with it at all, the stick version.  The owner told me it was new.


ginge, is that the best buys for a hand held? 

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Thanks all. A few to consider. Still interested in the Gtech multi Mk2. I'll let you know which one I get. 😁

The GTech is a good price on Amazon today as part of Black Friday.


what they actually exist? I only know of them ( existing or not) thro the BMJ

that is 1960 ( recurring) and not 1942!

PP - ooh you are awful :-)

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Thanks Barry.

I've got a shark which I've had about 4 years, I'm happy enough with it. Toby sheds for England...I always loosen and brush the fur up first with a silicon brush or broom...then the handheld for the fine dust and dirt.

The best handheld I ever had was a super cheapie stick vacuum...can't be sure of the name. It might have been Duronics(sp?)

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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs.

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