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Job I Hate

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mallyh | 12:16 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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just spent ages cleaning oven racks ,i had them soaking all night then the scrubbing ugh !!!!!.what jobs do you hate x



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mallyh - Try Oven Pride (widely available).  Comes with thick bag you put the racks in and liquid you then pour in and leave for a while - no scrubbing required!
12:43 Wed 22nd Nov 2023
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i had one of those but gave it to my neighbour  when she couldn't get a pool for her baby to use in the garden, i cant be an indian giver lol  xx

theshedman 11:46 Wed,

Yes that'd be worse at least I have affection for the pets I'm in charge of.

Me, I used to pay somebody else to do it.  Well worth £40.  

Arky, my chap's a bit on the shy side, doesn't like anyone watching him do his business, so he looks for the tallest grass or deepest bushes in which to do it. I've had him for over 5 years and only once has he done it where folk would be likely to step in it.

If they step in it in the bushes, serves 'em right cos' they must be up to no good.

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 oh Ken!!!!! you should pick up as children like to play in long grass etc 

Mally, the area where i usually walk my dog is just wasteland near a disused factory site, and the grass is cut every blue moon by the council. I have never seen any kids playing there, though many use it as a short cut between their home and the local recreation ground. There are well trodden paths forming a sort of triangle and the grass there isn't long enough for my dog. I refuse to wade through wet, thigh-high grass on the off-chance that some kid will step in it.

I have, however, seen children trying to gain entry to the disused factory site, mainly to set fires (weather permitting) then calling the Fire Brigade out - they must not have i-pads at home! If they get dog poo on their shoes, serves them right.

I hate doing the bins

Can you use Oven Pride to soak greasy baking trays in?  

I had one of those Barry but my shelves would not fit in!

I can't think of any household job I hate, because I just don't do them. Ironing, for example, and floor mopping. I have a cleaning lady, who we don't really need or can afford. We hear all the village gossip though, so she's worth it 😁

Now your racks are clean, Mallyh, wrap them individually in tinfoil.

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Tilly would that effect the heat going round the oven ,i clean the racks once a week it's just so fiddly x

I don't think so, Mallyh. I don't mean put a sheet of tinfoil on the shelf, I mean wrapping each metal bar in a piece of squished tinfoil. 

I don't do it but one on my OCD aunts does. 

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