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Tumble Dryers

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fruitsalad | 09:29 Wed 17th Jan 2024 | Home & Garden
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Could anyone recommend a decent one, I've not had one before, I'm not sure whether to go for the condenser type or if there is any other types.



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The cheapest to buy are vented, but they need somewhere to duct the warm damp air to (an external window generally).

I have a condenser / sensor tumble drier which detects when the washing is dry (in theory) and that works fine. You have to empty the water reservoir and clean the filter and condenser.

There's also the newer (and more expensive to buy) heat pump drier which is more "eco friendly".


I had a Hotpoint condenser one for several years (the model that caused some fires tho' mine never did). They had a recall & replaced it with a newer (& hopefully safer) one for £99.

No problems, but mine isn't subjected to heavy use.

I would opt for the newer, much more energy efficient heat pump dryers.  They are condensing so no vent to mess about with.

The prices are coming down

I don't have a specific recommendation but would say I couldn't be doing with something that needed emptying so have a normal vented drier that connects to a dedicated outlet through the external wall. It just gets used, no fuss, no bother.

My condensor doesn't need emptying, apart from the laundry

Mine is in the shed with an external vent though the wall. Any make is fine, you just need to decide on the best set up for you regarding the venting or condensing. 

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Tumble Dryers

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