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Broken toilet

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Steb | 14:39 Sat 07th Jan 2006 | Home & Garden
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My toilet appears to be leaking from the rubber seal between the u bend pipe from the pan, and the pipe into the wall.

How can I fix it. Help!



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It may just need pushing on a bit further if that is possible, if not you can buy them (they are called pan connectors) from most diy places for about a tenner.

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Cheers Jono.

And is it pretty straight forward to fit?

yes, dead easy, slip the ribbed end into the soil stack,

and the other end over your toilet oulet, you sometimes get a little tube of lubricant so it slips on better, just make sure you get the same one as you are replacing as they do them in different angles and different lengths.

These connectors don't normally just start leaking for no reason. Is the pan loose? The water could also be dripping from above from cistern condensation or leaking flush pipe or connector. To change the pan connector requires the cistern to be disconnected and the fixing screws in the floor removing, if it is cemented in you have an even bigger problem. Dry it all off first and identify where the leak is exactly before removing anything, could save a lot of work.

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Broken toilet

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