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Me,Food Again!Lol

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NoseyNose | 01:57 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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I have,after thinking long and hard,decided against an air fryer(Sorry guys) and am wondering about an electric steamer.

As here:~ User Recommendationref=sr_1_3?crid=2AWF7BKL43TMM&keywords=electric%2Bsteamer&qid=1706835062&sprefix=electric%2Bsteamer%2Caps%2C96&sr=8-3&th=1

I just wondered what you thought of it.

Opinions,for & against, please.



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My advice would be to wait until you're in your new abode and see how much space there is, and then really, really think about what you'll be cooking/eating. Don't rush into buying anything at the moment.
20:46 Fri 02nd Feb 2024
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Although I was very tempted by this air fryer! User Recommendationref=pd_ci_mcx_mh_mcx_views_0?pd_rd_w=CAazE&content-id=amzn1.sym.6aea875e-359f-49f3-864f-cff62d586b6a%3Aamzn1.symc.ca948091-a64d-450e-86d7-c161ca33337b&pf_rd_p=6aea875e-359f-49f3-864f-cff62d586b6a&pf_rd_r=6SRWE4AF1BS9N63334C4&pd_rd_wg=fNbwd&pd_rd_r=408ab41f-7f99-42c7-b803-3b0736a11cda&pd_rd_i=B0CL6TG859&th=1

Well an electric steamer would be brilliant for lifting all that grease on your kitchen floor. Lol

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I like it retrocop,I like it!

Steaming your veggies is better than boiling them but it's useless for fish and chips.😅

Think about what you would use it for, and think about what you can't use it for.

If you eat veggies regularly, it's good, but if you eat things like chicken, sausages and mash etc, a steamer will be of no use.


I'm off to bed now Gordon but will look in tomorrow to see if you have made up your mind. Night night.

I have an electric steamer, but it's only a single level, and I quite like the look of this one you've found (although I used to have an ordinary non-electric 3-level one that just went on the hob, but rarely used more than one level).

I use my electric one only for cooking vegetables, with meat/poultry/fish going in the air fryer. 

I will follow this thread with interest to find out others' opinions.

I steam my veg either on the microwave or on the hob, I don't need yet another gadget for that.  Unless you intend cooking a lot of steamed veg often you don't need one either.

That air fryer is far too big for one person 


I used to have something similar. It didn't work well for things in the upper compartment. In fact, it didn't produce much steam  at all. Better to get one that goes on the hob. Like this User Recommendationref=sr_1_4?c=ts&keywords=Steamers&qid=1706862808&s=kitchen&sr=1-4&ts_id=4005092031

agree with Barry - too many "gadgets" seem like a good idea but often end up sitting unused in a cupboard.

I saw a 'hack' today for poaching eggs in an air fryer - only takes 6 minutes.

That takes longer and costs more than poaching them in a pan of water on a gas or induction hob

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Thank You folks for mall your welcome input.

These are just ideas that I am considering,before my move (hopefully) to Sheltered Housing.

It seems that in Sheltered Housing,youe electric is included in the (paid for by Social Services)rent!

So any new electrical device that I have would be allowed,and not cost me anything in electricity bills.

The flat would include white goods,namely fridge,freezer and washing machine.

Any thoughts?

My mum moved into a flat in sheltered housing - the kitchen was very small. Not much room for worktop appliances.

PS. it had communal laundry facilities. If you have your own it would presumably be a washer/drier.

If you have an oven and hob that is all you will need for cooking.  A toaster if you eat toast, a basic microwave might make life easier if you eat ready meals.  See what you have in terms of facilities and space and only buy what you know you will use. 
No need to rush, you won't starve for want of a gadget

I've gone very much down the route of standalone worktop appliances, and I admit space is a problem (nowhere to roll my pastry out for example 😀)

My advice would be to wait until you're in your new abode and see how much space there is, and then really, really think about what you'll be cooking/eating. Don't rush into buying anything at the moment.

Don't buy an electric steamer. A small hob steamer would be a better option.

I bought one and the noise of it put my head of way.  Arrrrarrrh.  When 2 sausages dried in a frying pan in 10 minutes and wee egg.   I have my brand new Air Fryer to my nephew and a brand new electrict pan to other nephew.  They seem to like them.

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Thank You all for your advice and suggestions.

Thanks especially to Cloverjo & Tilly2,for the idea of a hob steamer,which I already have.

I just thought that the electric steamer might be quicker,and more efficient?

However,I WILL follow Vagus suggestion,and wait until I know how big(or small) the kitchen etc in the Sheltered Housing is?

BTW I am viewing the Sheltered Housing building on Friday (Feb 9th)

So will post an update soon.

Thanks for everything,Gordon.




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Me,Food Again!Lol

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