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My Sheltered Housing~Update

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NoseyNose | 00:56 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Well folks.

I went to view my proposed sheltered housing flat today(Friday),and it's far better than I expected.

My flat,on 1st floor has a juliet balcony,with views in the near distance of the sea.

I have to go next Tuesday (13th) to finalise all the paperwork,with the intention of moving in around March 14th to 16th(depends on the movers).

Nice big living room,Kitchen off,small but ideal for a single person;with washer/drier,fridge freezer,and eye level oven,and halogen hob.

Living room is connected for TV(Communal Aerial) and Internet/Landline phone.

Decent size bedroon,with enormous built in wardrobe.

Bathroom is a wet room with shower etc,but if you MUST have a bath there is a communal bathroom down the hall(I shall stick with a shower).

Restaurant does light lunches,12 to 2 daily.

GP's Surgery onsite,just a minute or so walk from my flat.

On the first floor is a communal lounge,where several days a week communal clubs meet(I am going to learn how to play darts!)LOL

Hairdresser comes every Friday,to a purpose built salon.Mens hair £12.00,which for this area is very cheap.

Tesco will deliver their online food deliveries right to the flat door too.

More updates soon.





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Canary, the right decision was made for entirely the right reasons so just stop.  I won't ask you again.  

Canary, would you post your address here?  If not, why not? If you've got a complaint about moderation, email the ABEd and cut the name calling. 

NoseyNose - do you have to pay a service charge, if so do you know how much it is?

-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --

Canary42, I explained why I deleted NoseyNose's post and even though it had nothing to do with you at all, you weren't happy about it.


You then posted more comments disagreeing with it which were deleted.


Since you clearly can't take the hint, I'm suspending you until 5pm tomorrow.


Personal security and safety are not to be treated lightly bearing in mind the fact there could be serious consequences from disclosure of personal information.

Question Author


There may be a service charge,but if there is I am not liable for it.My only outlay is BTLandline/Internet,and Electricity(I thought that was included,but it isn't).

Question Author

I am going on Tuesday 13th Feb to finalise all of the paperwork.I hope to move in March 14th~15th.

I hope that I have contravened any rules by posting this?

Good luck with it all Gordon, I'm delighted for you

There is nothing wrong with your posts, Gordon.  You may not be aware that in the past a sick individual has targeted another ABer in a very nasty way, intruding in to their work and family life simply because there was enough information in many posts to identify them.

It is important to protect yourself on social media and forums like this one, we are not allowed fluffy bunnies

I hope everything goes smoothly for you, Gordon 😊

Question Author

Thank You all, for educating me in rules and regulations of AB,and(it seems) for protecting me too!

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My Sheltered Housing~Update

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