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Vaulted Ceiling

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Bazile | 15:42 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Single storey rear extension across the width of a semi detached

What are the pros / cons of having a vaulted ceiling ?



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My friend has this and I find it rather barn like. Maybe it's because it's their lounge, but it never feels very warm or cosy. The heat rises and I wonder if they wish they had a ceiling sometimes. I also find it quite hard to hear in their room and wonder if that's to do with the openness. 
If you have an amazing view you wish to enhance with a glass wall or a dramatic skyline then maybe it's worth it, but I don't like theirs much tbh.

I thought you would have had this all done by now Baz  😁

I always try to put in vaulted ceilings wherever I can. Mainly because it looks so good compared to a boring old flat ceiling.

Mostly though, is that it provides an opportunity for rooflight(s) which, size for size, can add up to ten times the amount of light than with a conventional vertical window.

Others complain that increased room volume and a high ceiling will lose heat.  That is certainly not the case with plenty of modern insulation. Works even better with underfloor heating.

Light fittings and decorating are certainly a little more problematic, but at least you don't have to deal with either for very often.

As with anything to do with property, it's largely psychological. 'Sight lines' are important to us. Being able to see right up to the sky gives a kind of 'wow' factor. Believe me, it's actually really important to most people.  😎


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Thanks both 

TB - it should have been sorted by now :-)

Can you have a sky light in a conventional ceiling ?


Yes of course Baz.  It would normally be a 'domed rooflight', but I think others are available.

You can't just put a 'Velux' or similar in a horizontal position. The flashings all around are set up quite differently. Because of the flat positioning, it really has to be put in with care.  Perfectly easy to do though.

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Vaulted Ceiling

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