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JinnyJoan | 19:32 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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I have been buying various microwaves for years now and this is the first time ever.  Now I am talking about the cavity/interior of the microwave which is white.   At the front it looks like rust but I have now just cleaned it and was wiping it down where the glass sits and the white is washing away.  I can't believe this.  Now the microwave is still working but was wondering would there be a certain paint I could use to cover these stains.  Thanks



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Is the internal 'paint' peeling away, JJ?

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I guess all my "old" microwaves were stainless steel inside and so there was no problem there.

It shouldn't be peeling off. Take/send it back to where you got it from.

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oh Tilly can't remember where I bought it - it is about 4 years old - maybe more - perhaps I need to buy a new one.  The only thing is - since the microwaves are boxed up how will I able to see if it is white or stainless steel cavity.  Do want stainless steel definitely next time.

If you are buying online, the product specifications should be available for you to read.

In a shop, ask them to unbox it for you,or show you a display model.

JJ will you be buying without looking at it?

If yes, then ask whoever is selling it if it has a SS interior.


I've had this problem too

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what did you do tamaris

Gave away. Still working. The thing is to look for one with a different lining. 


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I may try Currys tho I so loathe them.  But they would have microwaves sitting out and about and I should be able to see inside them and ensure a stainless steel interior

Me too. Depends what you want to pay. If you put in Google 

Microwaves with stainless steel interiors it will give you an idea

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thanks Chris for your reply and to the rest of you.

The inside of microwaves go rusty if you dont leave them open for a short time after use, you have to let the steam evaporate.

..... or wipe them dry.

You can't use that spray paint willy nilly, a lot of rubbing down is needed first.  I wouldn't do it unless I had no option 

My Samsung is white inside & still like new. It's so old I can't even remember when I bought it.

I do leave the door ajar when not in use.

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