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Duvet Sizes

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fruitsalad | 19:56 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Home & Garden
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I have a king size bed and would like the duvet to hang over the edge of the bed, preferably to the floor, would a super king duvet be enough or is there a bigger one.



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Would an emperor size fit the bill, like this one?

A king size bed is 150cm wide according to this:

A superking size duvet is 260cm wide according to this:

So I reckon that the duvet would be fairly close to the floor.

Depending how tall the bed is!

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It's a divan type bed thanks guys maybe I should measure it.

that too, bednobs... my personal experience of duvets is frequently finding them too hot in the middle of the night and having to stick arms and legs out to  get my temperature down. The last thing I'd want is duvets that went right down to the floor. However, experiences may vary!

I have a king size bed and a super king size duvet and it does hang down but not to the floor. About half way up on either side, but my divan is a deep divan.

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Duvet Sizes

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