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Best Place To Find Indoor Plant Pots??

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Smowball | 12:45 Wed 10th Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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I'm really struggling to find decent sized ones, or any to be honest lol. MIL & I went to a garden centre and they had some, but the prices were just outrageous! I've looked online, but so many don't give the diameter. I want at least 3, to accommodate house plants that are/ will be a couple of feet tall. Am I missing somewhere obvious that sells them??Ive got an IKEA bout 20 mins from me that I'm sure sells them but don't think I could cope with the hour it would take to even get round the store!



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B&M, The Range, Dunelm

B&Q, Homebase

take the shortcut round Ikea - you don't need to go all the way round the upstairs there is normally a way to go up and go straight down.

B&M, the range, homebargains

Aldi Lidl, might be worth looking at their middle aisles

Some of the supermarkets as well - I know my local sainsburys and marks and spencers keeps a  range in

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Yep I've looked in Lidl, Sainsburys, had forgotten about Dunelm, B & M... 

Haven't been in IKEA for so long that I've almost forgotten what it looks like lol. It has always just been the sheer size of our store that puts me off - absolutely massive. But if I can take a shortcut then great!

The large DIY places sometimes sell them (e.g. B&Q), but most seem expensive now. 

Our local IKEA have one or two signposted short-cuts but I do sympathise - I hate tramping through all sorts of areas in which I have no interest to reach the right area, and then the continuing trek to get to the tills.

Haven't bought from them but they show measurements.


Question Author

Ahh brilliant - Thanku all for the suggestions, and thanku so much for the links to pics Moorea7 & Ellipsis. Some great ideas there! x

They have a good range in Poundstretcher and in Poundland.

garden centres?

What kind of houseplants do you mean? Big proper garden centres (the type that also sells gifts etc etc ) always have a good selection of houseplants. 

I've never been in a B&M or Dunelm so can't comment but my local Range sells some garden plants, lots of artificial ones too but I've never seen living houseplants in there.

I've gotten a lot of mine from tkmaxx. 

Try Freecycle. 

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Prudie - wish is was easy to post pics on here but I've 3  house plants between 1-2 feet high, so it's for them..

Will look at all the other suggestions too, including free cycle.

As said before - have looked at garden centres and they charge the earth! 

There are a lot of pots on E-Bay.

What kind of plants are they?

/// they charge the earth ////  Pun intended ?

Question Author

One is an Aloe Vera, can't remember the name of the other one but it has long thin floppy leaves and is growing pretty quickly lol.

Question Author

Will check name of other 2 tomorrow.

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Best Place To Find Indoor Plant Pots??

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