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What The Heck Is This On My Carpet?

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barry1010 | 11:37 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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Moved the bed to clean underneath and found lots of 'grains of rice' on the carpet.  They look exactly like rice but they are soft. Dry.  Not at all grub like, not squishy. 

Any ideas?  Not just under the bed but also under the furniture.




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Bed bug eggs possibly ?

Because I've had these in my house I have to tell you mine were the egg cases of carpet beetle larvae (which have now destroyed a good quality all wool carpet...)

Bed bug eggs are way too small.  I reckon they're the larvae of carpet beetles

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oh heck


I also have carpet beetles which are about 3mm and black. Just one or two each day. I have not found any eggs as yet. They often land on the curtain in the bedroom or on the wall. I have been vacuuming them up

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Is there anything I should be doing?  Call in a pest control person, buy some spray? 

I steam-cleaned the bedroom carpet yesterday and haven't seen any beetles today, but it's early days

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Definitely no sign of beetles, bugs or creepy crawlies.  My wife has cleaned the room from top to bottom and would have noticed, I just move the heavy furniture.  Everything has been moved from the walls and skirtings.  

I'm guessing you can't.. but can you take a picture to show us?

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Should have taken it before I vacuumed them up

They're many good suggeations... get a new wife isn't one of them.. 😉

But maybe a bit of spray if well ventilated maybe an idea.

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Thanks all, much appreciated 

The mini versions of the smoke bombs used by pest control work well and have the added advantage of giving one something to moan about until the smell clears after a couple of days.

I moved my bed the other day to clean behind the bed head - besides the usual dust there were brownish stains on the wall and the skirting board. They easily wiped off with a damp cloth but I've no idea what they were or how they got there!

Barry, if it's a woollen carpet they are probably moth eggs.

might be condensation, davebro? areas behnd bedheads don't get a lot of air circulating.

^^ For Barry

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What The Heck Is This On My Carpet?

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