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Condenser Dryer

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Kathyan | 11:04 Wed 15th Mar 2006 | Home & Garden
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I have a condenser tumble dryer. I put it on last night and the clothes were still damp this morning. It won't get hot! Does anyone know what could be wrong and, more importantly, how much it would cost to fix it? Thanks in advance.


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Aren't these designed to run on cold air?

Thermostat, element or timer/relay control. None of the parts are likely to be that expensive or difficult to replace.

But add that together with the charge for a call-out and you probably won't get change from �120.

mine stops getting hot when the water draw needs emptying or when it gets a bit clogged at the back of draw space
You have to have a cold water supply turned on to make them dry the colothes. They work in a different way to normal dryers. The clothes still feel damp when they come out but if you spread them out, they are dry in a few seconds as long as you gave them enough time in the dryer.

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Condenser Dryer

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