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Ceramic Hob Cleaner

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parkesquay | 20:29 Tue 04th Apr 2006 | Home & Garden
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Can anybody recommend a ceramic hob cleaner. We seem to have hardened vegetable residue spots fom a pot boiling over that just will not wipe off. I am tempted to scrape them but this may damage the ceramic surface. Any suggestions please?


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My wife always use one called homecare hob brite,she first bought it in a specialist kitchen shop but can now buy it in Somerfields, perhaps other supermarkets have it as well it is about �2.00 on no account scrape the surface. good luck. Ray
I too have always used Hob Brite.
My hob is five years old, and when I first had it I used hob brite.

Now I use I stainless steel scourer dipped in the washing up water and dry it off with a paper towel.

Perfectly clean, no scratches, no marks - looks like new.

I too use Hob Brite, but also Ethel's method. Ethel's method is just as good but I always worry that I might be doing some damage! Silly really because there is not a scratch in sight.

You can buy special scrapers for ceramic hobs..a smaller version of those things you use to scrape paint marks off glass.
Any good hardware shop should have them.Just had a look at mine and it says Homecare on it.You just scrape at an angle.
I use this to scrape any bits off then I clean it with Cif or washing up liquid and one of those pan scrubber things and rinse it off and buff it up with a bit of kitchen roll or a tea towel. No scratches to be seen and mine is also five years old.
The other day I read Ainsley Harriot saying that salt and vinegar will clean any hob stains brilliantly.
i have to say hob-brite too its excellent

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Ceramic Hob Cleaner

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