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carpet fitting!

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pingu97 | 23:20 Thu 14th Sep 2006 | Home & Garden
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i'm having a carpet fitted soon n when i bought it from a remnant shop they insisted i needed underlay n grippers which is gonna cost another 40 quid. is this really neccessary or will newspaper do as my mum reckons?


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I haven`t got underlay anywhere. In fact the man in Franks Factory Flooring was so honest, he wouldn`t let me buy it.
I think that you really need underlay and grippers, your carpet will look so much better and last much longer,so why not go to a diy shop and buy it much more cheaply there, put down the underlay and fit the grippers yourself and then you can't be charged extra for them. this is what I do
if you dont fit grippers then the carpet will get 'rucks' in it and pull away from the edge of the wall.
you have to have underlay and grippers
Your carpet will look and feel better with underlay, and will last longer. But it's not essential - it's up to you. Pay you money & take your choice.

I'd agree with the welsh librarian on grippers; proper grippers are well worth it, and they aren't expensive if you buy & fit them yourself*. They'll keep the carpet in place, allow better fitting and - if it's properly fitted - stop it getting bumps in.

* Easy to do, basically all you need is a hacksaw, hammer and gloves. Instructions can be found on the 'net.
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ok thanks i'll definatley pay extra for it!
You can use newspaper if it is foam backed. This just stops it sticking to the floor. Maybe if you didn't have underlay, then you wouldn't get those nasty marks in it where heavy furniture go.

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carpet fitting!

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