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Clothes Stain

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squizza | 20:47 Wed 20th Jun 2007 | Home & Garden
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Having gotten drunk the other weekend, i somehow aquired a big grease stain on my jacket, i put vanish stain remover onto it, and washed it at 90 degrees, it has faded a little but i still have this black stain can anyone give me some removal tips? P.S. the grease is like the sort used on machinery, not like chip shop grease...Thankx.


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90 degrees?!!!! that was my second reaction, my first was, this should be in Home and garden or Shopping or How it Works.
Having washed it at 90 degrees you will probably have set the stain . Try those Stain Devils you can get .They must do one that removes oil . Or try rubbing it with some washing up liquid or any sort of toilet soap .
You don''t say what colour it is but a soak in Ecover Laundry bleach may help is chlorine free .Failing that ..dry cleaning !
You should always use cold or tepid water for stains water will set them fast and then you have a devil of a job to get them out .
The best thing to do with any kind of grease stain is to rub neat fairy liquid (or equivalent) into the stain before washing it, leave it to sit for a few hours and then wash it normally.

Not sure if this will work after a 90degree wash though
i always rub salt into a grease mark and keep going until you can't see it anymore...though i don't know how well it will work on severe stains, or after you've already washed it

worth a bash!

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Clothes Stain

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