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Shower cubicle versus bath with shower

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Kazal | 17:02 Mon 07th Apr 2008 | Home & Garden
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We currently have a bath with power shower and bath screen which were installed 4 years ago. The screen has always leaked since it was fitted and we had to get a shower curtain as well. Everbody I have spoken to who has a screen tell me the same thing - so why are they still being sold. Anyway because of the design of the bath the water from the shower tends to stay on top of thebath, consequently we are getting alot of black mould and quite frankly it looks a real mess. We want to change this and are not sure whether to go for a shower cubicle and no bath (we are limited for space so probably 3 feet square) or change the bath for a better design, but we don't like shower curtains. People tell us it is better to keep the bath with shower as if you sell your house buyers look for a bath. Can I have peoples opinions please?


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well kazal, i can certainly sympathise about the black mould - we had the same problem in our bathroom.
It didn't matter how much I cleaned, it always looked like I hadn't bothered!
We retiled and scooped out the sealent and re-did it all. We couldn't afford a new bathroom suite but we did invest in a rechargable, portable dehumidifier, and that seems to be helping.
I like a shower over the barth because I find, in a cubicle, it's difficult to get away from the water - do you know what I mean? I like to condition my hair and leave it on a while and it's hard to not rinse it in a cubicle!
Also, with children, they like to hjave a bath, or even shower together (The little ones obviously!)
And of course you have use of a bath when you need it.
You can't beat a long soak if you have a bad back, or sprained muscle etc.
Oh yeah, and it's handy when it comes to soaking things - nets and that!
You can get some really nice shower curtains now. Why not get a really funky one to brighten the room?
My glass shower screen certainly doesn't leak.

However, if your house is your home and not just a financial asset and you have no intention of moving - put a shower cubicle in if that is what you want.

The plumbing for bath taps can be capped within the wall, so it would be relatively inexpensive to put the bath back in at a later date.
We have a screen over our bath and we dont have any problems.I would not buy a house with no bath in it.Spray the mould with half water and half sterilizing liquid (about 80p from any supermarket,in the baby section) this will make the black disappear and also stops it from re-appearing.
I have installed many a shower over the bath and fitted countless shower screens and never once have i had a complaint about it leaking. It would be cheaper to swap the bath for one more suited to a shower screen so avoid shaped profiles etc.. Get them fitted by a professional aswell. The majority of folk like to have a tub to relax in and wind down.
I sympathise. We swapped our shower curtain for one of these concertina fold back shower screens and it does actually stop water leaking everywhere. Although it's more of a pain to clean than a one-piece screen, it does allow easy access to the whole bath for cleaning. We also have a removable shower head rather than a fixed one, so it's possible to sit in the bath and wash your hair at the same time and if necessary you can also kneel over the bath and wash your hair whilst fully dressed. I wouldn't be without a bath myself. I use ours to wash duvets which are too big to go in the washing machine and to wash curtains as well which I wouldn't be able to do in a shower cubicle. I wouldn't buy a house without a bath as I do like a good soak after a heavy gardening session.

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Shower cubicle versus bath with shower

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