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LED Replacement Lamps

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Broadie451 | 10:46 Tue 10th Jun 2008 | Home & Garden
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Hi I was wondering if anybody can give me any information on replacement LED GU10 lamps. Are they as bright as the Halogen lamps, I believe that they come in two shades of white, warm and cool. Is it true that the cool shade makes anything blue look black. How do you tell the difference between the cool and warm colour shades.


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Thanks for the advice I think I will stick to Halogen for now until LED's become more common place.
I used to have a triple spot light in my kitchen and the lamps didn't last very long so I slung out the fitting and installed 15 GU10 LED fittings in the ceiling, yes 15, but because each LED lamp takes only 4.2 watts then i'm lighting my kitchen with the equivalent of a normal household 60 watt lamp. I have the cool blue type and cause i'm a sparky the lamps I get from a wholesaler dirt cheap...

You could also use, if you wanted, a GU 10 lamp called a Megaman which is an 11 watt low energy lamp, ok it takes a couple of minutes to warm up but are just as bright as the 50 watt....
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Thanks again Disco, your really helping me out tonight.
LED's are pretty impressive now and the cool white is the most popular..

have a look at these, they are really quite competitive!

LED's are pretty impressive now and the cool white is the most popular.

Have a look at these, they are really quite competitve!


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LED Replacement Lamps

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