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Watering indoor plants using shoelace

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lynbrown | 21:50 Thu 19th Jun 2008 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know how to use a shoelace to feed a house plant when you are away for a holiday? I read this somewhere but cannot recall the details. It involves putting one end of the shoelace in a jar of water and the other end in the earth.


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I am not sure a shoe lace will draw up enough water but what you are trying to do is correct. It will just act as a wick and keep the compost moist. The best stuff to get is capillary matting strips which are much better at drawing up the water.
I should have added, the best method is to fill your sink with water, place some capillary matting on the draining board, put your plants on top and place the wicks in the water in the sink and rest them on the matting. This way the matting will remain wet and the plants will suck up what they need.
Even better, have plastic plants like me;0)
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Where would i get capillary matting? In a garden centre?
Homebase sell capillary matting.

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Watering indoor plants using shoelace

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