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What are some good garden plants for indoor gardening?

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brownboy | 15:44 Tue 08th Jul 2008 | Home & Garden
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I am planning to put a indoor garden in my house and I was wondering if anyone could suggest me good garden plants that are suitable for indoor gardening. I have my eyes of some lovely garden shrubs but I am unsure if any of these can be used for indoor gardening.


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Bizzie Lizzies make ideal indoor plants. Just keep pinching out the tips and they will grow bigger and bushier.
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hi Wineoh, Bizzie Lizzies really looks like a great option. Doing some more research on them. thanks for the tip.
Cyclamen prefer it indoors and there are some stunning varieties around now.
Look in Aldi`s they have some very nice Rubber and Dracaenia plants about 3ft high, only �3.49 and make lovely indoor plants.
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