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Electric blankets

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horselady | 12:33 Wed 26th Nov 2008 | Home & Garden
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On some adverts for electric blankets it says that the blanket can be machine washed and tumble dried. The last time I owned an electric blanket was about 30 years ago so I appreciate they have changed a bit since then, but it still intrigues me, how can you wash something with electric wiring in?


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I assume the wiring would be insulated!!!
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Yes but I can remember how careful you used to have to be about spilling drinks etc. on the blanket. It just seems strange to actually wash the thing in a washing machine.
You may find that it's just the outer blanket cover that can be removed, then machine washed & tumble dried horselady.

I have a sheepskin covered electric heat pad (just a small verion of an electric blanket) which I can remove the cover from, wash & dry it.

I would have thought it dangerous to immerse the innards/wiring in water, even if well insulated, in case it wasn't dried thoroughly - altho' I may be wrong!


My hands are freezing, as not long got in - brrrr!
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you might find this link helpful horselady, there's a section about the washable blankets -blanket.htm

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Electric blankets

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