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Lack of soundproof in new building

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Gentledilly | 11:55 Sun 28th Dec 2008 | Home & Garden
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I have recently moved into a new build block of 8 flats where soundproofing seems non-existant. I can hear tv, music, conversations, coughing and all the usual day to day life happenings. I have asked the buildings inspector from the local authority to investigate and he seems to think the builder self-certificated that the sound proofing had been done. If it is found that it hasn't been done properly is there anything we can do? The building is warranted under the 10yr NHBC scheme. All tenants are in the same position. Any answer would be appreciated. Thanks.


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This may be of interest 280/Poor-Soundproofing-Between-Attached-Proper ties.html

If the building is post 2003 it seems that the local authority inspector should be being a little more helpful in your situation?
Question Author
Thank you alan30, reading that is very interesting but I think this may be an American site you have given me a link to. I think we also had a shake up of our building regs in the UK around that time and hopefully this is what the building inspector may be able to investigate. It's a terrible situation to be in when you are almost waiting for the next noise.
Try and find out how, exactly, the work was certified - that is, built as per current building regs.
NHBC can do this without involving the local building control inspectors.
Whoever signs it off as meeting all the regs, doesn't alter the fact that the rules are just the same. The sound proofing regs are pretty good - you shouldn't be experiencing any of the problems you have now.
If you own the flat, then it's time to get your solicitor on the case.
Good luck
This is the trouble with Newbuild properties, paper thin walls, shoddily constructed. I thought regulations meant adequate soundproofing had to be installed.
..that's the point I'm making Velvy..............paper thin walls etc are a thing of the past ............the current regs now require sound proofing between rooms within the flat itself - as well as between flats :o)
Question Author
Thank you The Builder I will certainly contact the warranty people after the Christmas break to see how the work was certified. Hopefully something can be done, as you say it shouldn't be like this nowadays. Only two of us have bought, the other flats have been rented out because he is unable to sell them at the moment.
The article is written by consultants based in London and refers to UK 2003 regulations.
Question Author
Apologies alan30 I have read it again and I see where I misunderstood. Thanks again.
By all means talk to NHBC but it may well refer you to the developer. NHBC is basically a warranty in the event that the builder / developer fails to sort the situation out. The developer should sort it. I remember moving into a new house in 1978 in which over two years later retrospective work was done on all the houses because the garage was not separated from the living space by the required 30 minute fire break. Building Control forced the developer to retrospectively modify the whole estate.
So I don't agree that Building Control can just wash their hands of this situation.
It is true that BC don't normally test this part of the construction in situ - there are various approved materials and installation systems that have been shown to meet the Regs under lab conditions. However it looks like your developer skimped it. BC should be interested IMHO.
Question Author
Thank you buildersmate. The developer certainly seems to have washed his hands of this project. Small things like leaking rads, broken doors and lack of instructing anyone to act as management company go unanswered. He very rarely returns calls and these are coming from the estate agents he expects to sort his rentals out. I have paid management fees for things like cleaning communal areas and window cleaning. Four months on, nothing doing. I hope that building control will take an interest. It really is very draining.

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Lack of soundproof in new building

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