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donnachristi | 20:29 Mon 13th Apr 2009 | Home & Garden
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Many thanks again for your time with my questions..
I feel pretty silly now that i have listened to advice and not followed it up with relevent checks..
My tutor David wyre associates,based in Bolton, will be getting a office visit from me tomorrow morning!!
I am so glad i had your advice! Thankyou!


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Sorry, im new to these chatting websites!! It was only chance i came across it and im very happy that i did, people as yourself are a god send, truely!! I have been today to cancel this 'course' the guy was pretty unhappy but then i would be giving back alot of money!! after speaking with him and having him explain a little more, i realised that i cannot become a domestic installer from books and multiple choice questions alone, i feel i need to have practical, am i correct? can you answer me this? He said he helped write the 17th edition, his name being david wyre, it does not mention his name in the book? and he stressed that i, a complete novice, could take up this course even though the requirements clearly say not? both him and an associate today stated they have had poeple like myself in the past.. are they serious? if they are lieing i would like to report this. they sound so convincing...please help..
I looked at his website - they are a typical electrical training organisation offering courses to C&G certification standards. If he isn't following their correct entry criteria then let them know via the City and Guilds website. It would be a waste of your money, I'm guessing around �450 ish. I can't see any reference to David Wyre personally being involved in writing the 17th edition IEE wiring regulations (BS7671:2008), either at IET (who run IEE) or IEE. It's written by "committee" anyway, not one or two people!

The C&G 2330 and 2360 courses have both practical and theoretical elements. You can see there is much more to learn than just about the IEE 17th edition wiring regulations (BS7671:2008). How and why things are done the way they are is a big part of it, as well as correct connection methods and practical considerations.

This site below offers revision quizzes for the 2330 course and gives a good idea of the course elements and type of things you will learn/need to know about to become an electrician. vision/2360pt1/assessment_choices.html

Scroll down to the 'FREE' SELF-MARKING MULTICHOICE EXERCISES SECTION where you can see the various elements involved in both the level 2 and level 3 parts of the course

The practical aspects are important and if you do the 2330 or 2360 courses you will be assessed on your practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge.

The IET/IEE site is a good place to look for info too, especially regarding the publications such as the 17th Edition wiring regulations (BS7671:2008) and Guidance Note 3 and also for course info;
The IET/IEE site is a good place to look for info too, especially regarding the publications such as the 17th Edition wiring regulations (BS7671:2008) and Guidance Note 3 and also for course info; tions/index.cfm al/index.cfm

Finally, this gives a good idea about what's involved in becoming an electrician, and the various routes; s/howtoelec.cfm?type=pdf
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thankyou again, i shall look onto the sites you have reccommended.. I will make sure i know exactly what i need and how to gain it before i jump in, trusting an asocciation with my money! In total i would have wasted just over �2000 after buying the books required also, (and yet no practical training) and so Thankyou very much for your help and advice..

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