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Steb | 18:12 Fri 03rd Dec 2004 | Home & Garden
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I want a dog, but I'm away from the flat (ground floor) every working day 8-6.  Would it be cruel? Somebody said RSPCA and Dogs Trust advise against it.




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it would be very unwise and unfair on the dog..i used to work for the rspca and no dog would be given a home to someone out all day and in a flat well its unkind to the dog.during the day the dog may want to go to the toilet,and also dogs like would be better if you waited until one day you may get a house,,some dogs also howl and whine if they are left alone so you would have all the neighbours moaning..if you live near a dogs home why dont you go along and volunteer to help with the dogs in your spare time..all the dogs will get to know you and it would give you a hands on experience with dog management..gypsy
That's the only reason I don't have a dog. Dogs are very social, so I couldn't leave the dog for long periods alone. Another solution would be to get two dogs, but you'd be faced with twice the problem with the noise/neighbours, as gypsy points out. Though I often wonder if the dog would prefer to live this life over being in some of the rescue centres. And if you ever do get a dog, you should go for a mongrel.
Hi Steb,
I agree with the other posters. I am currently fostering a mother and her nine pups. Someone called today and wanted to adopt a pup. He's away for up to 12 hours a day and often overnight as well. He couldn't see what would be wrong with leaving a puppy that long if a neighbor were to come and walk and feed the dog. It truly is cruel to leave a dog alone for many hours and rely on someone else to care for it that often. Dogs are social animals. Have you thought about a cat? They sleep for up to 18 hours a day and aren't as social.
just as unkind here as it was in animals!
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