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trapped bird in chimney breast

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asza001 | 23:22 Thu 17th Dec 2009 | Home & Garden
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My fireplace has been boarded in living room, and to my dismay i could fluttering Tuesday morning, took board off and saw jackdaw..However he went up into chimney. I left board off for few hours but he didn't come down, so i temporarily closed board over. I am so upset i can't even go into room. Could he of got out at top or is he dead yet??? poor thing, i'm so upset by this.


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BY JINGO Whats going to happen when father christmas comes down your chimney dizmo?
23:47 Thu 17th Dec 2009
You would know very quickly if the bird was dead, the decomp happens very quickly with birds. The chances of him/it having 'got out' are, unfortuanatly, slim (sorry to say). There isn't alot you can do unfortuanatly.
Question Author
what do you mean 'decomp' happens v. quick!!?? I know what it means, but how will i know or smell?? When to board up again? I can't even go into living room incase i hear noise? Chimney sweep want £70+ if i so wished to have it swept..I will in the newyear get a top on pot, as there can't be one there. I've lived here 15years and never happened before :-(
I have a fire also that has a pot, we have had birds fall down into the chimney and drop down into the back of the gas fire (behind the open fire back). Because of the warm decomposition happens quick, it won't be the smell that alerts you, it will be the hordes of flys that come after. I've had so many birds down my chimney and I'm sorry to say it but I've never had one survive :( You will know if it's dead because believe me if you don't get any smell you will get millions of flies. The only good thing is that they usually come out of the chimney to just die. Last time I had a dead bird up my chimney I had to contaminate the entire room with fly spray and condemn it for 3 days before going in with a hoover and clearing up the dead bodies. Sorry I couldn't give you any good news asza, unfortuanatly your chances are not looking good.

BY JINGO Whats going to happen when father christmas comes down your chimney dizmo?
Question Author
yes but surely if i boarded up, there's no way flies could get in as i run a tight ship in my living room!! it would be so sealed up so they wld have to come down chimney breast to offending decomp bird. Suuurrrrellly not in this weather.....
Isn't it just a bit tooo cold?????
asza you said it, cold; flies need warmth. I've had dead birds this time of year in my chimney and no matter how hard you try and board something up you will still leave a gap somewhere. If not then there is already a gap for them to get through.
Jingo I am father christmas and I don't like mince pies!
Question Author
oh thanxs, that's really cheered me up!! so it's now a waiting game, or pay £100+ chimney sweep. also looks like Santa won't be visiting me this year and probably no-one eles either. I'll just hang a little bell outside front door with signpost 'contamination zone!' I'll nip out 2morrow and get a couple of large aeresols (STRONGEST I CAN FIND) and start spraying. I painted room out in summer and have new carpet. i'm even more distressed now.!!!!!!!!!!......
If you still believe in santa then I could brainwash you into believing everything is going to be ok. You shouldn't be distressed, if anything I have prepared you for what 'might happen'. If you want me to I will tell you everything is going to be alright and that the bird will survive. I gave my answer and if you aren't happy with it then you are well within your right to ignore it, although, I speak from experience on more than one occasion.

Sorry I couldn't help.

Question Author
thanks dizmo,
i really did appreciate your feedback. i'll have to sort it out tomorrow one way or other!! :-) asza
We had this problem too its the fly's that are the awful part about it. A Chimney sweep advised me to blow up a balloon and stuff it up there then the bird won't drop so low as not be able to get out.if it bursts blow up another.
This is a good remedy if you get a down draught from the chimney & it stops that.
Aunty Jem.
asza one thing I never mentioned to say was I have the equipment to sweep chimneys. Where abouts do you live? A free christmas dinner (with dumplings) would be surfice ;p
I heard a scratching noise a month ago behind the gasfire in my front room. At the time we had just got 2 baby budgies so I thought it was them.

We don't use the fire anymore it was too expensive to service so we just have a little fan heater in our back room.

Yesterday I came home and was unlocking my front door and to my horror saw over 30 huge blue bottle flies inside my front window plus all over the inside of my front door. They were coming out from under the old gas fire. I got fly spray but had to transport my babies upstairs as that stuff is lethal to pets. I sprayed the fire until the spray ran out. The I got polythen and tape and sealed the whole thing up - as it's behind lots of books it doesnt show. I then had a second thought. The grid in the bedroom. Got a plastic tiny holed grille cost 2 pounds from Wilkinson. Stuck it over the airbrick in my bedroom, so hopefully now flyproof. It was just horrible.
I heard a noise in my fireplace and I not sure what to do. After reading about the flies, I thought I better try my best to get the bird out. Despite being nervous,on my own scared of the unknown. I opened my air vent and out popped this this brown bird. It hopped about the living room, before perching on the window ledge looking at me and then flew away safe and sound. Hooray. I am thankful for these website with good advice shared by others.

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