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gas usage (again)

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MrIncredible | 17:46 Wed 23rd Dec 2009 | Home & Garden
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Hi all, I live in a three bedroom, average sized property, gas usage is for water and central heating,
we're also on a pay as you go meter.
on monday i put on £20, this morning the balance read £11:21 thats an incredible £8 in two and a bit days......does this seem unusualy high! I have had my heating on a little longer than usual but nothing extreme.
Thanks in advance


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pay as you go meters are a ripoff.cant you go onto a normal tariff? Anyway,why dont you ring your provider and have them check the meter. They should be able to give you some 'average use' prices as a guide.
As a very rough guide, a kWh of electrical energy costs around 10 pence, in comparison a kWh of gas energy costs around 4 pence. You claim to be using around £3 of gas/day – that works out at around 75kWh of energy, or a continuous 3kW per hour (averaged over 24 hours).

Given as samuelcat says, you will be paying a slight premium on my prices (being on a prepay meter) – all things considered, I would say that heating a 3 bedroom house with a continuous 3kW electric fire on, is not bad.

It just goes to show how much energy costs, bear in mind that £3/day is likely to be your maximum energy usage/day (due to the cold weather) and that during the summer months it is likely to be significantly less than £1/day.
surly it depends how efficient your boiler is old back boiler/free standing ?78% or new condensing boilers are up to 95% efficient HTH Tez
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I work for EDF and they are the only company that doesnt charge customers more for fuel on a payg format, nor charge a standing fee. Dunno who you are with but it might be checking out what else your are paying for.
did you not need to repay back any emergency credit or debt back first ( sorry if its a personal question but but a lot of prepayment customers forget that gets taken off first when you add monies )

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gas usage (again)

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