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Shower Curtains

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sasha011 | 17:24 Thu 28th Jan 2010 | Home & Garden
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My mum has a shower room and has a hooped rail around the shower with x2 shower curtains on but her curtains are getting wet whilst she is in the shower and sticking to her!

Any idea which shower curtains she can get which do not stick when wet.



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a shower room??? a whole, entire room dedicated to taking a shower? just curious
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never heard of a shower room Caro. I wait for it rain so i could run outside and take a rain-shower.
Is it possible to move the curtain rail a little further away from the shower head so that the curtains are not near enough to touch anyone in the shower???
Common problem. It happens when air under the shower is being warmed and tries to rise. This pulls the shower curtains in toward the person. One remedy...If there's a tiled wall where it doesn't matter if water gets on it, draw the curtains aside next to the wall to leave a gap so that air can enter. This will prevent the curtains being drawn in.
Alternatively, instead of heavier fabric, some shower curtains have lead weights (like big lead washers) sewn into the bottom edge.
I hate it when hotel shower curtains do it, so sympathise with your mother.That is why slide round doors are so much better, but guess they are very expensive.

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Shower Curtains

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