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I think this is the right section for my insulation q?

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Moodstone | 21:57 Thu 02nd Dec 2010 | Home & Garden
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I'm trying to get hold of some bulk bubblewrap and wonder where sells it the most cheapest in the uk, any builders merchants or is the internet cheaper? Anyway i'm doing this in order to either line the curtains or stick it directly on the window in order to insulate and save money and gain warmth. O some internet sites they say get Aluminium bubblewrap? Sounds expensive and does it really matter? Could you not just use normal bubblewrap or maybe even glue on foil? Have any of you out there done anything like this as I'd like some pointers if possible, also which bubblewrap size is the most effective, some websites say use large which has bigger bubbles but larger gaps inbetween the bubbles or the smaller which has smaller bubbles and no gaps?
Thanks in advance.


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I must add by "Bulk" I mean to cover 1 set of patio doors, two bedroom windows the kitchen bathroom and toilet, I'll add measurements after I measure up tomorrow.
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you might want to consider something like this
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Thank you I'll look into all options.
Thats not cheap for bubblewrap. Look on ebay I buy 100metres for £12.99
^ but 6" wide
300mm wide in 100m roll starts at about £9 delivered. 500mm x 100m £8.45 delivered. 750mm £15 delivered.That is for small bubble.
Big bubble: £27.00 del. for 750mmx100m .. 1200mmx100m .. £47.

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I think this is the right section for my insulation q?

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