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DIY Spending Rockets

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

As many of us are feeling the pinch perhaps moving to a new home is not an option. So more and more of us are fixing up our existing homes to make them a nicer place to live. As a nation of DIY lovers it is no surprise then that we are spending more on our homes than ever before.

Spending on DIY in the UK has rocketed by 76 per cent from £6.4 billion to £11.3 billion over the past ten years claims new survey.

The figures, which have been adjusted for inflation, have been accompanied by a ten per cent fall in the amount that we are prepared to pay for tradesmen. Although as anyone who has tried to employ a plumber/carpenter/builder in that period will know, the fall in pay may be due to their unavailability.
The increase in DIY spending is more than double that seen in other areas of consumer spending says the leading high street bank, which commissioned the research.

"Spending on DIY is now double the spending on trades services," said a representative of the bank.

"DIY spending is highest in the South of England, although there have been increases in DIY spending in the north of England and Scotland and Wales, reflecting the recent strength in housing markets in these regions."

Regionally, homeowners in London spend the most on home maintenance and repair with an average annual expenditure of over £950, followed by households in the South East who spend, on average around £860. Families in the North East and Scotland spend the least.

As anyone who has tried to do the jobs themselves will also undoubtedly know, comprehensive and up-to-date home insurance is also essential before starting. It is very important that you make sure you are covered before you do any major work. Looking online can help find the right policy for your individual circumstances.

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