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How To Buy A Chainsaw

11:15 Tue 07th Feb 2012 |

Winter is a time for rest and regeneration in the garden as many plants slow their growth and consolidate in preparation for the new burst in spring. However, there are still a few jobs that gardeners need to keep on top of to maintain their gardens.

One particular winter job is cutting back bushes and dead wood on trees which can be tricky without the right tools. The serious gardener may want to invest in a chainsaw to accomplish keep their gardens trim.

There are, of course, many different chainsaws on the market but they generally are divided into two main categories petrol and electric. Petrol chainsaws are usually more robust and are for more professional work. Electric chainsaws are lighter and more suitable for household use so let’s concentrate on them.

Particular features to look for when buying an electric chainsaw:

  • Motor power – a more powerful motor means a faster chain speed which allows for higher precision cutting.

  • Weight – the lighter the chainsaw the easier it is to operate, especially for those with restricted movement or back problems.

  • Chain brake – this is a vital safety feature which prevents kickback one of the major causes of chainsaw related accidents.

  • Automatic oil pump – this is an important feature as it keeps the chain lubricated automatically, which the chainsaw running smoothly and also lengthens the life of the chain.

  • Tool free chain tensioning – this means the chain can be fitted and tensioned without any special equipment.

  • Warranty – all chainsaws should come with at least a year’s manufacturer warranty.

The Handy THECS16 Electric Chainsaw is a particularly good example of a lightweight and powerful electric chainsaw, ideal for use in the garden. It is an excellent product; easy to assemble and use and can effortlessly chop up logs for firewood and trim small trees.

Please make sure you read the manufacturer’s manual and have all the right safety gear before you use your chainsaw.

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