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Sisters DIYing It For Themselves

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

In any normal UK home there are always a few DIY jobs that need to be done. It may be that a wall needs painting, or a shelf needs to be put up or maybe a light-fitting has to be changed. DIY, like barbequing, has traditionally been seen to be in the domain of the man of the house. However, now it seems that women want to do it themselves. Perhaps they got tired of waiting for the wall to be painted or the shelf to be put up or the light-fitting to be changed and decided that it couldn’t be that hard, after all a man can do it.

Also women get involved on a much deeper level as they have the power to nag. This then causes men to get on with the job in hand, thus proving the theory that ‘nagging works’.

Recent research by a major high street hardware chain has revealed that women are the powerhouse behind most DIY projects. Two fifths of all home improvement purchases were made by women. A figure that has steadily risen over the last five years and is, apparently, still rising.

They are also taking charge of more DIY projects than ever before, deciding the look and feel of the home improvements they want doing.

The sisterhood has become so keen on DIY that one Cardiff businesswoman has announced that she is starting Tupperware-style parties for women interested in buying power tools. Her evenings are about "empowering women to be able to do jobs within their own home".

"It's about taking away the intimidation factor and providing confidence," she added.

Don’t forget that if you are about to start a major DIY job in your home then check out your home insurance policy to make sure that any activities your are planning are covered. Many insurance forms will not pay out if a claim is made due to damage caused by the home owner.

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