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Stay Warm And Save Money

13:30 Tue 29th Nov 2011 |

With many Britons already feeling the pinch over the last couple of years with the downturn of the UK economy, a piece of good news is welcome. Winter can be a hard time for the elderly and those on fixed incomes who worry about paying their heating bills. However, there are many ways in which everyone can reduce their bill and help save the environment.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your bill is to set up a monthly direct debit. Many energy companies offer discounted prices for this option and it means you will know exactly how much is going out each month. In addition, often in the summer months you pay more than is needed and can end up with a surplus with the supplier which can help to offset large winter bills.

Another quick way to save money is to change your energy supplier. This does require some time and a certain amount of research but there are plenty of switching sites online that can help you find the best deal. Often added incentives are available like cash-back or gifts. Make sure you have all the facts, though, as some energy suppliers do not always put all their tariffs on switch sites.

If you have already done these money saving ideas then there are plenty of other ways to bring down the cost of heating your home such as:

  • Get a grant to insulate your home – visit the Energy Savings Trust website to see what is available.

  • Get your Gas and Electricity from different suppliers – If you are looking to change supplier look into each fuel separately and together you may be amazed at the savings around.

  • Check your meter reading every time you get a bill and at other times too. Often utility companies estimate the bill and this is not always very accurate.

  • Financial Hardship Tariffs – it is possible to get special help if you are in financial hardship.

  • Use less energy - there are many ways to cut down on your energy use and not have to switch off the heating.

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