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dog hairs

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bob334 | 15:14 Sun 22nd Jul 2012 | How it Works
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What is the best way to remove dog hairs from car seats


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Wind sellotape round your hand, sticky side out, and give them a good rub...
Probably the old sellotape method would work. Keep putting the sticky side on the hairs. Or you could buy one of those sticky roller things, the above is cheaper and does the same job.
Snap Craft.Lol
a damp, not wet, microfibre cloth works quite well.
Max was a long haired GSD and I used to use a Meile cat & dog vacuum cleared them up with no problems
a fairly soft scrubbing brush (the kind you can buy in wilko for about 99p) Believe me - i have 3 dogs and this is the BEST method we've found
Sellotape. or masking tape.
Rubber gloves .Just dampen them and wipe them over the seats .The hair will stick to the gloves .
Wet rubber gloves of the marigold variety...

And cue jokes....
Lol! Snap Shaney!
Get a bird instead.
Don't let your dog driver :-)

or, buy a picnic blanket and put it on the seat, so it doesn't happen again.
I read once to useba sky remote! Rubber i guess a pair of rubber gloves xx
erin - am now having disturbing visions of you and marigolds.
Dont know bob, our local car valeter wont touch them.
Question Author
Thanks for your replys, I will try some of them next time. Bob
Remove the dog!

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dog hairs

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