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phleb | 10:20 Thu 16th Apr 2015 | How it Works
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Has anyone got one? Is there a charge to sell things?

I am leaving Ebay, i would have made a profit of £700, but thanks to their fees, i have only made £490..paypal fees aswell. All the running around and for what!

I want to set up facebook page to sell, i don't have a clue how to do this? An idiot proof guide would be fab lol

thanks guys x


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As I understand it you don't sell things on FaceBook, the business page is simply an advert to drive traffic to your website. There is a charge.
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Is there any way i can set up my own website or something? x
Setting up your own website is relatively easy but getting people to look at your website and buy is hard.
What are you selling? Let's say you're selling iPhone cases. People wanting to buy will search google and see pages and pages of relevant sites. The major sellers including Amazon and eBay will be on the first page and your site will be on page 40, if you're lucky.
You will need to spend a lot of time and effort creating the website, maintaining it and most importantly driving traffic to it.

Lots of big companies who sell on line and in the High St also sell on eBay. Like it or not it is a 'go to' site for a lot of buyers and has a big presence on search engines. If you sell anything on eBay people will find you and that is what you are paying for.
Buyers trust eBay. If things go wrong for them they know they will usually get their money back. Not so buying from Joe Bloggs on a random website.

For the casual seller it's not worth it, you might as well advertise on Gumtree. If you want to go it alone this gives excellent but basic advice on starting up

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