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Rozjune | 09:22 Sun 13th Dec 2020 | How it Works
6 Answers
Have received answers to my Questions But when I follow my email link it just shows my Questions I am new to this where am I going wrong


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It means just that. You have posted a question and someone has answered that. You can now go back into your question and respond to those answers, rather than starting a new thread. If someone has an interest in following your question, then you may get more answers and you can respond until you are satisfied that you've got the information you need.

You can also click on view your profile at the top right of your screen and you can disable the notification to receive an e-mail when someone replies. The only thing you cannot do with this site is respond to someone privately.
When you log in go to 'view my profile', your answers will be there.
um - when they say you have answers
you are expecting answers
and not clag - hey but this is AB !-
ter daaah !

the 'answers' are the mush you get at the bottom of your question
you couldnt tels
you can allso see the answer's you have gave to any questions (including your own if youv'e replied on your own questions) here
Possible problem tho- our answers assume roz knows how to find the answers to her questions. If she dosn't know then maybe we'er wasting are time???
Not sure what you mean by you "follow your email link"

Easiest thing to do is click on your name - you will then see your profile and you can see all your questions and questions you have

Choose the one you want to look at and click on it

1 to 6 of 6rss feed

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