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Is It Possible To Gain Weight Without Taking Too Much Fats?

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mattcarter001 | 11:36 Mon 01st Aug 2022 | How it Works
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Is it possible to gain weight without taking too much fats? and also how?


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Exercise might build muscle.
eat a lot of carbs
and drink a lot of alcohol!
^ you'll not develop a 6 pack, more a beer barrel belly.
When one of my daughters was seriously ill as a child, she lost weight. On recovery, she was given something called 'High-Carb' to drink which helped her regain weight.

The answer is; do the opposite of what people trying to loose weight do, i.e. take on lots of non-fat high carbohydrate foods.

Drink copious amounts of Coca Cola. It seems to work for much of the population.
I take it you want to build your weight through muscle not fat. Low carb diet with plenty of lean protein coupled with resistance exercise ie weights. Go to a good gym and they will put you on the right track.
There's a reason why animals are fed loads of carbs... they can be fattened up quickly.
Schippie's advice was good but don't go fat free. Your body needs a bit.
the OP didn't specify what the weight gain was for - maybe he wants to take up sumo wrestling!
Or peddle a product in 3 .... 2 ..... 1 ...
I did not advise going fat free. I was suggesting any protein he consumed would be lean such as chicken breast and fish. Unsaturated plant oils are an important part of a low carb diet.
I didn't imply that you said to go fat free. I'm quite familiar with low carb ;)
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Eat nothing but cornflakes & soya milk 3 times a day seems to work for some

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Is It Possible To Gain Weight Without Taking Too Much Fats?

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