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Hedge Trimmer Conked Put.

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Atheist | 19:23 Thu 12th Oct 2023 | How it Works
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My neighbour has an old Black and Decker hedge trimmer which stopped working. The on-off switch has a finger trigger and a thumb button to keep it at it. The two triggers didn't work properly and I managed to adjust the mechanical link between the two, but despite that the power didn't operate. There is a capacitor inside the handle, and I am now thinking that there is either a faulty switch or a capacitor failure. Can a failed capacitor prevent a start-up or is it more likely to be a switch problem?



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The capacitor is present to reduce voltage spikes on the mains (wired live to neutral).

If the capacitor is short circuit, it will cause the plug fuse to operate, and if open circuit will not prevent mains spikes as intended – but will otherwise have no effect.  Therefore it is likely to be a switch issue.

If you have access to a multimeter you could check out the switch operation – everyone should own such a device, these days £10 will buy a fairly decent instrument.

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Thanks, Hymie. I have never had a multimeter and don't know what it can do. Can you use it to check that the switch is operating (by poking a probe on each switch terminal  to see if there is zero resistance when the switch is in the 'on' position?)

I have one of these, although fairly basic it does most of what I want in terms of measuring voltage, current, continuity etc.  I also have a more expensive model with extended ranges etc if needed.;amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4GGJQKdZk44PeQTmvMDNYBTWlw94aXPnrDMTjJvJlA6ce1hJkxOnBh%2FZQQsLsGTRl1VkglCoPkqxZTRB672aGlPHnURNnhTwJoN5QwG9iZJK4zoVlE8ta5Yxlb6WQbKfczGw0jGVkCOj2wTIqxIvYpVkvTNRBhMj2K5qhByuA%2FDzHGQRC5t%2BhcWxTUZFCMp4%2FJGdewC9m3BW1gronsDWEyTzctYKdu%2Bt%2F8zdl%2F%2FlXrUIMAEzg1nwiqfUh9A0qykM8mTjcXiZZu1t09PBNCewYCYgDnxvYEzSEklAihTiVFiX%7Ctkp%3ABk9SR9Kz1NfkYg

If you want a slightly better model multimeter, this unit has an audible (beep) for continuity, which makes confirming connections easier, without having to look at the meter resistance reading.

To simplify testing.

The switch will probably have two wires attached. Unplug them and join the two together. If it runs the switch is the problem.

Question Author

Thanks to all for your replies.

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Hedge Trimmer Conked Put.

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