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At What Hours Do Direct Debits Leave An Account?

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pastafreak | 18:51 Mon 23rd Oct 2023 | How it Works
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I have a monthly payment that I make to OVO(previously SSE)for servicing etc. It always goes out in the early hours of the 22nd...along with another payment. It's not left my account yet. The amount also went up this month. Could that be the explanation...or is it just an odd glitch?



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Sunday not a working day.

I would have expected this morning, but it could be tomorrow; but I wouldn't worry as it's up to the bank and OVO to organise it.  I am assuming there were enough funds for it to be paid.

DDs are week days only, if your normal day falls on a weekend it will be done on the next working day.

Also the major heavy lifting systems the banks use are still mainframe batch and that usually means overnight so a lot of DDs will happen after midnight and before the rush hour.

What bank are you pasta?

Question Author

Sorry! Got my dates should have gone out today. (Normally 22nd if a weekday)

TTT...It's Natwest. I think some items go in/out just after midnight...others it's 2am.

Question Author

Newmodarmy...yes, enough funds.

Sounds like an IT Overnight Batch failure then Pasta. 

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I'll keep long before I contact someone. The bank presumably? 

No contact Ovo, they claim the money from the Bank.  They may have had a glitch with their computer run.

But wait until you have rechecked your bank account tomorrow.

Presuming it's a Direct Debit, I would expect OVO to contact you in the event of a payment fail.  They initiate the payment, the bank just pay out when it goes through, so if anyone you should contact OVO in my view.

Question Author

Ok...I'll see what happens tomorrow...then contact OVO. 

This is funny because I've just found an email from them..."how are we doing?" Dohhh...

Mainly mornings 

pastafreak- did it go through?

abbeylee- it's good to see you joining in on someone else's question

Question Author

Yes...about 3 days later. I contacted OVO a second time late Thursday. It was out of my account Friday morning...followed by an email from OVO explaining that they had BACS issues and a number of DDs hadn't gone through.

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At What Hours Do Direct Debits Leave An Account?

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