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How Does Renting Appartments Work In New York?

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bednobs | 14:13 Fri 27th Oct 2023 | How it Works
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peraps for pasta who has done it?!

watching "only murders in the building" and the 3 of them live in upper west side appartments

In one episode oliver's son advises his dad to sell the appartment, then in another episode he is going to get evicted for not paying his fees.  Can that happen if you own the place?



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I don't know but probably - leaseholders of flats and apartments in England can be evicted for breaking terms of their lease if the courts find in favour of the freeholder - it's called forfeiture 

If it is a condominium with a board of directors etc. maintenance fees have to be paid by the apartment owners

As calmk says. We always rented...until we bought a co-operative apartment only a few months before my ex was offered a position here. So I really don't have experience. Had to Google...quick read here. I don't recall that we needed approval.

Oliver wasn't paying the maintenance fees.

I'm sure that if I didn't pay my service charge here, building management would boot me out.

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but how could they if you ownit?

When you buy the apartment you sign an agreement to pay your share of the building costs, general maintenance, cleaning, concierge service, building insurance, communal lighting, lift service etc. if any of the above are applicable to the building the apartment is in. Same applies in UK. Daughter had a flat but had to pay her share of genera building maintenance, rubbish collection and garden costs

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i get that, but how can you be evicted from a place you own?

There will be a clause in the buy/sell contract to cover. All eventualities

They have to get a court order.  Google forfeiture 

You find an apt. you'd like to look with the owner/manager out front of the building. They walk you up or down the stairs, open the door, you both look for someone who may have broken in, and then you hand him All of The Money You Have, and Borrow the Rest From Family, to make first months rent.

sorry, that was dumb, I thought you were actually asking about how to rent a NY apt.

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How Does Renting Appartments Work In New York?

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