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Please Explain Kindles To Me Someone.

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ladybirder | 16:48 Tue 16th Jan 2024 | How it Works
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I have never had one and as far as I know never seen one.  Now I need one.  This is Toorak's fault re her post about, "A Little Life" with James Norton.

I bought the book.  It's about 2' thick in the timiest writing in a book I have ever seen.  So I decided to look on Amazon and there are so many I need your help in choosing one.  Whether I will ever use it again after ALLife, who knows.

I want one that is easy to use but has everything I am likely to need.  Price?  I guess I'll pay whatever I need to.  Help anyone?  Please.



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Mine just appeared on my screen.  Loving being read to.  I've still got 34 hours and 42 minutes left after listening to chapters 1 and 2 last night.  No purchasing a Kindle.  I had already paid for a  month's worth of Amazon Prime the night before as well!

Thanks for the library info B.  I don't belong to the library and I have been told before that I have to go in there in person first to register and I can't do that as I can't go out.

Phone your library, they will have solutions 

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I'll see how I feel after listening to another 34 hrs + 42 mins of what I've already got.

Ladybirder, please explain Audiology and can I use it ona tablet.  I don't want a kindle and now have a home crammed tight with books because we were book addicts.  But my eyes now are a problem and my concentration reading is suffering.  Being read to would be wonderful.

Lottie x

Paperwhite is the way to go. Very simple and backlit, also you adjust the font and size too. Battery lasts ages.

Someone says theirs is full. I delete the read book when finished. so nothisng is stored on it. Its all on Amzon so if you have bought it and want it again you just downoad it again! Simples.

mj, have a look at this, you download the app to your device, buy your audio books and off to you go.  Download to phone, tablet...;ds_rl=1235674&ipRedirectOverride=true&overrideBaseCountry=true&gclid=CjwKCAiAkp6tBhB5EiwANTCx1G_ABZYj3k8XDZlAP0XDHPdtS11NqXzL0bmjqGpW879_Naj-kcr5nhoCVCAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

sorry to say removing books from your bookshelves doesn't reduce the amount of dusting, it just make the shelves themselves look even dirtier...

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Lottie I'm pretty sure you can get it on a tablet, it would be perfect for you.  I'll give you a link but if it doesn't work just type in Amazon Audiology



Silly me, I addressed my post at 15:43 to MJ instead of Lottie.


lb, it is Audible, not Audiology :) 

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Ooops thanks B.

Lottie please note B's correction,  AUDIBLE NOT Audiology.

Have you had a look yet.  I woke up at 5am and started listening to it again.

jno, an empty shelf just needs a quick swipe with the feather duster. 

Or donate your now unused bookshelves to charity, you'll be amazed at the space it frees up in your house.

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Vagus I've asked my children if there are any pieces of my furniture they would like when I am no longer here.  My bookcase was the first to be bagged and the second was a sideboard, very very old with beautiful veneer I bought at an auction  in NYorkshire.  The rest will go to charity IF they'll take it. I offered them a Heal's sofa, only a couple of years old and they loved it until they found out it had to be lifted over a fence and then they didn't want it.  It's my dog's sofa now.

Ladybirder, our bookcases were ikea Billy bookcases, in blue. We had four floor to ceiling ones, got rid of three and kept one which has odds and ends on it along with the few books we kept, all upstairs.

Hi Ladybirder.  It was Barry that first called me MĹ.  Thanks Barry for the link and thanks for your answer LB.  I thought I had typed Audible, but obviously predictive text took over.

Thanks for the nudge  on the other thread. X

I'm back  I've answered on the kindle thread.  Thanks  xx

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Please Explain Kindles To Me Someone.

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