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Logic, Or Rather Lack Of, Regarding Opening Hours Of 'Necessary' Places

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joko | 19:48 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | How it Works
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I mean the opening times of places like banks, post offices, GP practices, clinics, etc

My local PO closes at 2.30 on sat afternoon - the one day a week when many 9-5-ers have time to do things.

& the other places are somewhat the same - some GPs do later hours once a week etc, but none of these places are open on sundays at all.
Why dont they have opening hours more in line with their customers needs?

People have to take days off or hours off work or college etc to do simple things like pick up a prescription, get blood tests, collect a parcel, wait in for one, etc etc

it would generate many more jobs too & stop issues with back logs, lack of appointments, no-one to answer calls etc etc,

if these places opened at times when most people arent at work etc.
I know many of them do, but theyre always claiming to be overun so why not make life easier for them & everyone else?

Is there some reason for this, that im not realising?


IMPORTANT NOTE - I dont actually care, im not frothing at the mouth, not upset or angry etc, not writing in to Barry Took or Esther Ranzen about it, im just wondering why, its seems counter intuitive to providing a service.

if they need to be closed in order to do things to help them run more smoothly, they could do them in the evening surely & again making more jobs?





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the GPs were told some years ago they could have more money and also no longer had to provide round-the-clock service, so naturally they don't. But mine do have some sort of arrangement to send people to another local surgery over wekends.

But I am so old I can remember when basically everything closed at weekends.

There used to be café in the Fens (which might still be there, for all I know) which served excellent, reasonably-priced light lunches.  The only problem was that they closed at lunchtime!

My pet moan though is that England is a country full of tea shops which all seem to close before teatime!  It's almost impossible to find anywhere for a cup of tea and a cake after about 3.30pm anywhere in East Anglia.

Maybe it's the case that when folks complain about stuff like this and the "providers" do actually take the trouble to offer services at the perceived required times then no one turns up and they are left twiddling their thumbs?

Completely agree, Joko.  That is why I offer evening and weekend appointments.

Because service is a thing of the past. Folk put up with it so it continually gets worse.

People have to make a living. Why should they stay open all the time for you? They aren't charities, they have staff to pay. and rent and energy bills. If they go bust because they lose custom, then that's the way it goes.

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atheist - what are you on about? maybe read the post again...your comment makes no sense to anything ive said.

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Buen - I totally agree about cafes closing early its bizarre - i mean how many people order takeout for their family dinner because they dont want to cook or whatever?
i have no doubt that many would love to go to a cafe at teatime.
theyd make so much more money.

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Logic, Or Rather Lack Of, Regarding Opening Hours Of 'Necessary' Places

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