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Electrical Question

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jackthehat | 14:12 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | How it Works
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I have a AC/DC charging unit 10V @ 1.5A for a piece of equipment but it damaged.

Trying to find a like-for-like replacement is proving difficult.

I can find [email protected] or [email protected]

Would either of these be suitable? Obviosly, I don't want to damage the item I am charging.

Many thanks.



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Only the manufacturer can tell you that for sure. In your shoes I'd carry on looking.

Worse comes to worse it's probably better to have too low than too high. ½ a volt may not prove significant, but no guarantees.

I agree with O-G. 12V might just be enough o burn out of og the components and then you've wrecked the device. 9V might work or it might not but it won't do any damage. If you can't get a 10V unit go for the 9V and see if it works.

You'll probably get away with the 9.5V one, NOT the 12V.

Here’s one with an output rated at 10Vdc (2A), the higher current rating should not be a problem, with the equipment drawing only the current required.

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Thanks, Hymie.

I think I'll get one of those.

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