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Gutter Cleaning

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lankeela | 15:15 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | How it Works
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How much would this cost approximately - had a leaflet put through the door and they need doing but I don't want to end up paying more than I should.  Small semi-detached, front and back gutters.  



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Thanks Chris, was thinking about £100 so not far out.

We paid £40 for 4 bed detached, done by or regular window cleaner

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That's good, will see if I can catch the window cleaner who does a house behind me.  


I pay my window cleaner an extra £15 and my gutters at the back are very high

Do them myself because many moons ago I paid to have them done and most of the muck was pushed down the drain pipes and block them up. Pretty pointless, make sure they dont do the same. I wouldn't pay any more than £50.

Sounds like just more money down the drain.

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Here's a thing - I googled the name on the leaflet (Ben's Gutters) what looked like a hand written compliment slip and it turns out they are a national company who employ local people once they get enough bookings in an area where they have done leaflet drops!  Been reported to ASA several times for misleading people into thinking it was a local chap making a living for himself - I certainly did or else I would never have rung them for a quote.  As it happens they never got back to me!

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Apparently its 'head office' that contact you to book it in, giving a quote by looking at your address on street view or google earth or whatever.  Most seem satisfied with their work but some said they were overcharged.  Best steer clear I think.


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Gutter Cleaning

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