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Cost Of Prescription Drugs Uk V Us

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barry1010 | 08:26 Wed 13th Mar 2024 | How it Works
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I know we are lucky to get our prescriptions on the NHS but I can't understand why the prevantative inhaler I am prescribed for asthma costs the NHS £30 a month but American citizens are paying around $500 a month.

Can anyone explain?



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lots of reasons on the net - e.g.

//In the United States, negotiations with drug makers are split among tens of thousands of health plans, resulting in far less bargaining muscle for the buyers.//

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Thanks, dave, but that is a ridiculous mark up.  I'm reading that so many Americans can't afford it - and I'm not surprised

In The Simpsons Homer, Grampa & buddies do a "drugs run" into Canada to buy cheaper prescription drugs. So it's obviously a matter of concern to US citizens.

And the film "Dallas Buyer's Club" focussed on the (non) availability of some drugs in the USA (at the time).

Maybe the drug manufacurers have as strong a lobby in the US congress as the National Rifle Association?

intercontintental prescribing hmmm

the markets will bear it?

NHS does communal bargaining which SHOuLD save monnay - but didnt a few years ago

Yesterday they had a bit on health schemes in US and how the insurance schemes were driving prices UP!

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Cost Of Prescription Drugs Uk V Us

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